This 2 pianos 4 hands medley includes some of Chopin’s most beloved melodies: Heroic Polonaise in A-flat major, Nocturne in E-flat Major, Waltz in E Minor & Tristesse Etude in E Major Op. 10. This piano medley begins with the powerful Heroic Polonaise in A-flat major, which incorporates big chords and fast technical passages. The next piece is the Nocturne in E-flat Major, which Chopin composed when he was in his early twenties. It has a beautiful melody that most people recognize. The nocturne resolves into the exciting Waltz in E Minor. Chopin composed this waltz at the age of 20 just before he left for Poland. After the waltz is the Etude in E Major, Op. 10. This Etude is also known as the “Tristesse Etude” or “Farewell Etude.” It has a gorgeous melody that Chopin, himself, thought was one of his most beautiful melodies. The medley has an exciting ending with a recap of the Waltz in E Minor.