Piano Lesson Videos with Steinway Artist, Professor Lenora Ford Brown 

Master the 1st Mvt. of Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 13, No. 8.  Learn how to make this piece powerful and dramatic. What’s included:

  • Sheet music PDF with fingering & pedal suggestions
  • Rhythm, pedal & fingering tips
  • Solutions to common technical problems
  • Innovative practice techniques
  • Interpretation & phrasing ideas 
  • 3 piano lesson videos (over 90 minutes total)

Masterclass by Steinway Artist, Professor Brown $17

Master Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 and learn how to play the 4:3 polyrhythm correctly! What’s included:

  • Sheet music PDF with fingering & pedal suggestions
  • Ideas to play the middle section expressively
  • Tips on the 16th notes against triplets polyrhythm
  • Practice techniques to play accurately, fast & evenly
  • Pedaling tips
  • 3 Piano Lesson Videos (over 45 minutes total)

Masterclass by Steinway Artist, Professor Brown $17

Learn how to make this piece sound like the masterpiece it is!  What’s included: 

  • Sheet music PDF with fingering & pedal suggestions
  • Tips on phrasing, tone quality, and practice strategies
  • Unique solutions to common technical challenges.   
  • One 30 minute piano lesson video with Professor Brown
  • One 10 minute piano lesson video with Heather Smits, NCTM              

Masterclass by Steinway Artist, Professor Brown & Heather Thompson Smits, NCTM $13

Learn unique practice strategies to play fast and maintain your stamina.  What’s included:

  • Sheet music PDF of the recommended edition
  • Solutions to common technical challenges
  • Finger strengthening exercises
  • Stamina tips
  • Unique practice strategies
  • One 20 minute piano lesson video
  • One performance video

Masterclass by Steinway Artist, Professor Brown $9

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Lenora is not only an incredible pianist, but her love and passion for the piano are shown in her teaching style. Lessons are always so instructive because I learn both how to play a piece and how to practice it.

- Sadie Reeves,

Words can’t capture just how lucky I feel to have Lenora as my piano teacher. Thanks to her, I’ve made substantial progress in my piano skills, improving both technique and expression. Whenever I hit a roadblock in a piece, Lenora always has creative solutions to help me break through. My confidence has grown dramatically, and I love playing the piano now more than ever.

- Ann Werner,

Lenora is the most skilled and talented musician and teaches at the highest level. She cares about technique and excellence but equally about the people she teaches. She is firm yet kind. I am grateful for everything she has taught, and continues to teach my child. Not only is Lenora the G.O.A.T, but my daughter LOVES her lessons, and Lenora. I highly recommend her!

- Jenny Groberg,

It’s hard to put into words what an incredible teacher Lenora is. Simply put, you will watch in awe as she transforms your child (or you) into a next-level, wonderful pianist. She strikes a perfect balance of high-expectations with all the warmth, support and kindness needed to inspire and motivate greatness. If there were 10 stars, she would easily deserve every single one!

- Laura Davis,

Heather is an exceptional piano teacher! My daughters took weekly lessons from Heather for about 8 years. Not only did they learn to play piano beautifully, they learned to perform at recitals, to be dedicated to something every week and to prioritize their busy schedules to build in time to practice and study for Certificate of Merit. They also gained a love and appreciation for the music they played. Heather has a deep understanding of music and an ability to teach with passion, patience and kindness. My daughters now have a strong foundation in music they will keep in their hearts always. I give Heather my highest recommendation.

- Tracey Gannon,

Heather is an incredible piano teacher! She is structured, patient, meets the students where they are, and challenging in the best way. Our daughter grew so much over her years of taking lessons. Heather helped our daughter learn to read music, music theory and to play with beautiful dynamics and emotion.
I would highly recommend her!

- Mark Segelman,

My two boys’ piano skills improved so much during their three years with Heather. She encouraged excellence through attention to detail in their weekly pieces—dynamics, staccatos, no pausing—and in their preparation for recitals that were held twice per year. She also prepared them well for the rigorous Certificate of Merit test, which is optional but a great way for kids to be recognized for their progress and hard work (and it’s fantastic for resumes and school applications).
In addition to her instruction, Heather introduced us to a number of apps and tools that helped our kids learn.

- Jennie Gurney,

“Short and concise tutorial! Brilliant! Thanks so much!”

- Steven Beer ,

“Thank you so much. This tutorial was so much more helpful than other detailed videos I’ve seen from other instructors. I actually laughed when I saw how simple it was. Thank you.”

-Tim W,

“Very insightful and concise tutorial. I have practiced this piece for over one year and your recommendations are all very valuable.”

-James K.,